July 2017 Wild Dunes - Osprey Marina - Southport, NC - Swansboro, NC - Adams Creek, NC - Oriental, NC - Great Bridge, VA - Norfolk, VA - Lottsburg, VA - Washington, DC

“Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.” Quote by Natalie Babbitt.
     Many of us spend our days muddling through the mundane with each day as predictable as the next, waiting for vacation time to take that trip, or travel to visit family or friends not seen for years. We fool ourselves into the mindset of limitless time and catch ourselves saying, “Oh, well, there’s always next year!” However, as our aging becomes apparent, reality sets in and living becomes more about quality instead of quantity.
     Cruisers and RV-ers are fortunate people who have come to this realization and opted for a nonconventional way of life in order to embrace our moments and days, rather than months and years—true adventurers who set out to find what the world has to offer.

     The hot month of July began with a bang. Our cruising is dictated by weather and mechanical status so we were delayed departing Wild Dunes/Mt. Pleasant/C…

30 June 2017 Charleston/Mt. Pleasant/Isle of Palms/Wild Dunes Yacht Harbor

The end of June marks the near end of our stay on Isle of Palms. We arrived 20 May and in that period of time, lots has been accomplished and revealed. Of course, Bill’s spent many hours sanding and varnishing with 3 coats on and 8 more to go. Then he’ll attack the transom as he lies on his side. Bless his heart. He works so hard to keep our teak in beautiful condition.
     We’ve both completed our medical/dental/vision appointments for another 6 months. We can’t say enough approving and favorable words about the MUSC system. Everyone, from the most basic position, up the ladder, excel in exceptional customer service. Once you’re in their data base, every physician that you see has visibility of and can read notes from your other care providers.

     I’ve been bradycardic for decades with a resting heart rate around 46-48 bpm from my years of competitive swimming. On Monday, the day after we arrived, I saw my PCP where my HR of 33 was documented—several times. He was surprised tha…