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The Not-Left-The-Dock-Yet Bender Blog October 2008

Who’d think retirement could be so busy!!!???? For a brief recapitulation, our home in Greenville sold in June. We had 5 weeks to decide what to keep, what to pitch, what to store, and get moved. That was an intense undertaking. We stored a minimal amount and kept very little. We’re in a 10 X 10 foot climate controlled unit and occupy about 2/3 of that. In June, Laura moved aboard Kindred Spirit III in Charleston, SC, and Bill commuted 3 hours back to Michelin every Monday and returned home (Charleston) on Fridays until his September retirement. We enjoyed several Happy Retirement parties but the guys he worked with said they weren’t really throwing the big one for a couple of months till they were sure he was really gone! On Labor Day, in anticipation of the big hurricane that never happened, and to have scheduled maintenance preformed, we had our home (KS III) hauled out of the water. Since we had no where to lay our heads, we spent a month on the west coast beginning in Victoria, …

Yea-a-a-a!! Up and running at last!!!

Thanks to our computer guru, Greg Moss, our Retirement Adventures Blog is now available. This man is a miracle worker and has had infinite patience over the years with me who is so technologicallychallenged! Thanks again, Greg! You're the greatest!