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Bender Blog #2 November 2008

Believe it or not, we've finally, actually, really and truly left the dock and are underway as you read this, but here's what's preceded our departure. November was a very busy month of preparation with numerous projects. We had a harness/snubber made to distribute the load on windless/bow pulpit; generator alternator was rebuilt; the dinghy outboard got a new/spare prop and 2nd fuel tank; replaced several plastic fittings with brass for water supply lines; engine oil changes; replaced genset hoses, belt, coolant and thermostat; installed vacuum gauges on Racor filters; replaced exhaust elbows (and Bill must show everyone who even came near, his "new elbows". One friend said he hoped not to offend but he really wasn't interested in the elbow viewing); purchased EPIRB, new fenders and covers, new dock lines, new teak wonderfully comfy chairs for fly bridge; modified and reinforced dinghy and kayak cradle; installed new windshield wipers and motors; had canvas c…