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Bender Blog #3 December 2008

We just had our 4 week anniversary of cruising and living-aboard and I don’t know where to begin!!! I would love to tell you every jot and tittle but will try to just hit the high spots. This reminds me so much of having friends thrust their vacation pictures upon you or pictures of their grandchildren whom you’ve never met…and you just have to suffer through…but this way you can hit the delete key and we’ll never know!!! This first month of our new lifestyle has been quite an experience and definitely a period of learning and growing. We so very much love our simple life which some would call “spartan” but we have all we need and love the freedom that comes with that! As difficult as it was several months ago to decide what things to keep and what to pitch, we are finding that we’ve gathered another pile of “things” to go to a local charity. Friends asked how we could get rid of so much and the simple answer is that all those collections of ‘stuff’ were in and from the past; none of…