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Bender Blog Installment #4 January 2009

29 January 2009 Dear Family and Friends, This won’t be as verbose and lengthy this month---we’ve been playing so hard and haven’t had time to write. Since our last entry from Daytona, FL, we haven’t progressed much farther south. We spent two nights south of Titusville, a week in Cocoa, a week on Merritt Island….now we’re in Vero Beach. We thought that finally we were out-running the cold weather but it seems to be in hot pursuit after us. While on Merritt Island and Vero Beach, temps dipped to very low 30’s. Feels like we’re in the Tundra and are freezing our watoosie’s off!!! For some of you, that may seem like a heat wave but suppose we’ll continue south until we reach the equator if that’s what it takes to find warm weather. Just gotta say---had we spent much more time in Daytona, we’d be riding Harley’s!!! Even went to the dealership to have a look. Ev…