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Bender's Cruising Chronicles #5 February 2009

Doesn't this look like so much fun!!! Goodmorning, Everyone! It's almost impossible to believe that another month has passed and it's time to document again and that we're only a couple of days short of beginning our 4th month of being cruising live-aboards. We're so often asked, "how is it?" and we answer that it's better than we ever dreamed. This is not said with a Pollyanna Attitude because it does have its moments. As I said last month, this is not a Royal Caribbean cruise that we're on. Laundry, meals, provisioning, cleaning, maintenance, etc., still needs to be done and it takes a bit more time and effort than when on land. That said, it's still better than we'd ever hoped it would be and didn't want you to have the mistakened notion that we're kicked back in a lounge chair, feet propped up, and perpetually sipping a fruity drink topped by a paper umbrella! Assuming that I was no different than everyone else who's gainfu…