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The Bender Cruising Chronicles for May 2009

Punta Gorda – Pelican Bay – Marco – Boot Key – Key West - Rodriguez Key – Biscayne Bay – Miami - Ft. Lauderdale Summer is finally here and April showers that brought the May flowers has passed. May has found us far more relaxed with our new lifestyle. We’ve fallen into our own little routine; we both know what our specific “duties” are and perform them side by side as if choreographed and this has become very comfortable. Our experience has been a marriage-strengthener and has drawn us even closer as a couple because as a team, we’re very dependent on the other as captain and crew. Our Bahamas plans for this spring were pre-empted by a combination of a trawler rendezvous in Punta Gorda and our intention to get to Baltimore for the summer. Scrapping the islands was very disappointing but has also been a good thing. Even though we’ve had our boat for 3 years, using it for its intended purpose is far different than merely living on it at the dock in Charleston. Even though we’d done ev…