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Bender's Blog July 2009

South Carolina – North Carolina - VirginiaCharleston, – Bucksport – Barefoot Landing – Coquina Yacht Club – Carolina Beach – Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington – Elizabeth City – Dismal Swamp Canal – Norfolk – Deltaville - Chesapeake Bay - Potomoc River - Lottsburg - Rochester, NY After 16 days of being on the hard in the boat yard, we were finally splashed and t’was so good to feel the ebb and flow of the river rocking us to sleep again. Quite a few of our friends unselfishly offered their home, condo, or boat for us to bunk for those 16 days and we thank each of you for your generous offers and particularly sweet Brenda who gave us not only the key to her house, was kind enough to allow the Old Dawg to also stay in her home, the use of her swimming pool, but also the key to her convertible!!! She made life so good that I think that before we packed up and moved out she probably thought she’d taken us to raise!!! We spent a couple nights in our old stomping grounds, Ashley Marina, Charl…