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September 2009 MD - VA - NC

Drum Point Light, Solomons, MD September was an exciting month of adventure. Our historical horizons have been broadened by enjoyable visits to many museums in VA and MD. Probably the biggest highlight...or at least "equal to" the re-learning of our colonial heritage, was the week spent at a trawler owners' rendezvous. We left you in Solomons at the end of August. Annapolis was our first stop for September and a real treat! I've always had an affinity for the military...and had I been born 30 years later...! When I hear of someone getting an appointment to the USNA I think, "isn't that a great honor!" but not till this visit did I realize how great. We spent half a day on a tour and the next day Bill struck out on his own for a historic walking excursion. I went back to the academy to see and learn more. Those kids are the creme de la creme!!! Their parents must implant very lofty goals in their children from a very early age. 12,000 apply and 1200 are a…