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October 2009 Bender Blog Manteo, NC - Morehead City, NC - Southport, SC - Isle of Palms, SC - Greenville, SC Maggie Valley, NC - Waynesville, NC Not many nautical miles were traveled this month but those that were, gifted us with fall-like weather and balmy breezes. On one clear evening, we witnessed a magnificent sunset to the west and a breathtaking full moonrise to the east. This kind of gift can't help but induce a prayer of "thank you, Lord, for your creation. " The first of October we departed Manteo, a quaint but tastefully commercialized town on Roanoke Island near the Outer Banks. We'd heard so much about the Ruddy Duck Tavern in Morehead City, so we spent a couple of nights there. We had a reunion with my New Bern cousin, Debby, whom I've not seen in 20+ years, and her husband, Paul. The Ruddy Duck was even better than described! Wonderful food and top-notch service.We were anchored in a cove and the night was so dark, bereft of extraneous city lights, th…