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December's Non-Cruising Blog

Bender Blog December 2009 Wild Dunes Marina - Ashley Marina Charleston, SC This month (nor November) definitely did not ensue as planned but we're hanging in there knowing that in the whole scheme of things, this little modification won't be a deterrence and there have been some really good serendipitous moments as a result of our remaining in Wild Dunes.We discovered a little Irish pub on Sullivan's Island that we've come to love. It's very small and the SI version of Cheers. During a late lunch, a bearded sailor named Bill, came over for a chat and he and Bill both realized that they'd met on the dock here soon after we arrived. Bill was engaged in a project and the "new" Bill offered him some of his tools, however they didn't recognize each other beyond the sphere of the marina. Bill is the owner of the pub and a life-long sailor. Two nights a week they have extraordinary musicians so we've taken advantage of those evenings which also has give…