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January 2010 Bender Resuming-Cruising BlogOnly in South Carolina! Wish I'd gotten a frontal for the 'wave action' and the elaborate gold teeth. She was most gracious in allowing me to take advantage of this Kodak Moment. Serendipities just seem to find us. While Bill and Diane from Greenville were spending the holidays in their beach home on Edisto, they drove over to have lunch and spend the afternoon with us. Diane hired me and was my nurse manager in Labor and Delivery in 1990 but we never had a visiting opportunity in the past 20 years. We talked a mile a minute in an effort to catch up. One of our favorite bands was playing on Hilton Head Island so we drove down for the weekend and to hear them. They were great and we closed down the place!!! On our way back to Charleston we took a side trip to see the historic town of Bluffton. The picture of this church, circa 1854, doesn't do justice to the visual treat that it was. Its backdrop is the water and moss decorates …