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March 2010 - Vero Beach - Ft. Pierce - Vero Beach Issue #20

                                  March 2010
              Vero Beach - Ft. Pierce - Vero Beach

Stuck in Velcro Beach
Vero Beach was going to be our destination for 2 nights but that’s why they call it “Velcro”—when you get there you really get stuck and can’t leave. Friends whom we met last year in Punta Gorda, Chuck and Marlene, live in this area and they have been most gracious to us. Our time in Vero has been assiduously entertaining. We benefitted from the seafood chef’s culinary skills at the Pelican Yacht Club, as dinner guests of Chuck and Marlene; joined Chuck at a  concert of the Treasure Coast Choral, of which Marlene is a member; schlepped along several times to a neighborhood hang-out for dinner and musicat Riverside Grill with several new couple-friends we've met at the Vero Marina;  caught up again with Mike and Bobbie, our Grand Banks friends from Merritt Island, who brought their boat down for a weekend get-away; lollygagged with Dick at a classic car show in the nea…

Bender's Cruising Chronicles February 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010 Beaufort – Jacksonville – Palm Coast – New Smyrna – Merritt Island – Vero Beach
This is the month for hearts and flowers, the Super Bowl, President’s Day, Winter Olympics, American Heart Month, Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, National Grouch Day, Mardi Gras parties, but most importantly, the birthday of my first-born son, Chad.
Chadwick Paul Breaux, Jr.

We bade adieu to Beaufort, SC, on 1 February. Very, very cold but we are thankful for their City Marina as our “port in a storm”. Along boardwalk in Beaufort with Kindred Spirit III in background

North of Jacksonville as we entered the St. John’s River, we crossed the wake of 2 southbound cruisers, Bill and Barbara and Allan, friends of ours. What a coincidence. Daily we’re reminded of how small is this world.

Ortega Landing Marina was to be our home for a few days and what a delightful facility!!! Joann and Bob, Bruce, and Amy and Kris, do an incredible job there. Their friendliness and helpfulness was de…