March 2010 - Vero Beach - Ft. Pierce - Vero Beach Issue #20

                                  March 2010
              Vero Beach - Ft. Pierce - Vero Beach

Stuck in Velcro Beach
Our daily view from our mooring
Vero Beach was going to be our destination for 2 nights but that’s why they call it “Velcro”—when you get there you really get stuck and can’t leave. Friends whom we met last year in Punta Gorda, Chuck and Marlene, live in this area and they have been most gracious to us. Our time in Vero has been assiduously entertaining. We benefitted from the seafood chef’s culinary skills at the Pelican Yacht Club, as dinner guests of Chuck and Marlene; joined Chuck at a  concert of the Treasure Coast Choral, of which Marlene is a member; schlepped along several times to a neighborhood hang-out for dinner and music at Riverside Grill with several new couple-friends we've met at the Vero Marina;  caught up again with Mike and Bobbie, our Grand Banks friends from Merritt Island, who brought their boat down for a weekend get-away; lollygagged with Dick at a classic car show in the nearby park; perused and excellent art exhibit; and sampled numerous local cuisines.                        
Riverside Cafe
       “The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men….”
If we’ve not learned another thing in our 16 months of being full-time live-aboard cruisers, it’s that regardless of how meticulously plans are made, the only thing you can really count on is that they probably won’t come to fruition! And we’ve learned to roll with the punches; understand we’re where we are for a reason; and look for the serendipities because they’re always there.
                                  A Fallen Hero
There was a celebration of the life of our brother-in-law, Gerry, who lived in NY.  Gerry, 20 years Bill's senior, played a substantial role in his pliant years, making a formidable imprint on who Bill is today.  Significant people in our lives are very rare and their leaving us is a final loss. We are very sad but wealthier for having had Gerry in our lives.
                                                            Another Serendipity
Kate and Steve, sailboat friends whom we met in Charleston several years ago when we bought our boat and moved her to Ashley Marina, have been hanging out in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale listening to our continued promises of "we're on our way"...but they've lived aboard far longer than we and long enough to know, as Kate so well put it, "You don't make plans.  You have intentions."  Actually, she has said so many things about this life-style and she has been 'right on' every single time.  We haven't seen them since October when we arrived in Charleston on our "perceived" trip south.  On their way to the Chesapeake, they spent a night in Vero.  We enjoyed dinner and a delightful evening catching up with a long over-due visit.
                                                          Few Miles Traveled
 We began this month in Vero and traveled 10 miles south to the home and dock of Chuck and Marlene, our before-mentioned friends. What a beautiful area and their hospitality is unparalleled. After the trip to NY, we retraced our steps to Vero Beach where we'll await the opportunity to cross to the Abacos...but as our "cruising plans" have gone thus far...we really have no idea where we'll be after Vero!  Our life is an unplanned planned adventure - or vice versa! 

Best Wishes for a Joyous Easter Season.
Till next month…
Bill and Laura
Moored Vero Beach, FL


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