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June 2010 Wild Dunes, SC - Bald Head Island - Morehead City, NC - Great Bridge, Norfolk, Yorktown, Jamestown,VA - Washington, DC #23

T'is June and the spirit of summer is upon us. Assume the attitude of a child again for this season to make you feel young again. We challenge you to run barefoot; learn to whistle; ride a wave; blow a dandelion; fly a kite; count the stars; pump on a swing; lie in the grass and watch the clouds; catch fireflies; let go of the rope; get rid of the training wheels; jump off the high dive; climb a tree. Despite the heat, remember the freedom of your childhood and recapture a bit of it.
Bald Head Island, NC On the first day of June we sadly departed Wild Dunes on Isle of Palms. We so loved our stay there but our gypsy spirits felt it was time to move on to our next port of Bald Head Island. This was our first visit to this island that's accessible only by boat and what a delightful interlude! The distinctiveness of BHI begins with its fortunate position on the globe, being the southernmost of the cape islands of NC and marked by the legendary Cape Fear. It's also the northernmo…