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August 2010 Washington DC - Lottsburg VA - Baltimore, MD - New York #25

On August 1, we very reluctantly cast off our dock lines and said goodbye to Washington, DC. Across from our slip we enjoyed such a lovely view of a well-tended flourishing and colorful garden. Don't let the flowers fool you. She has a farm behind her blooms and on this farm are tall corn stalks!
We pulled into our slip at Olverson's Marina, Lottsburg, VA, just off the Potomac River. This was our home last August and were looking forward to our return this year. What a contrast! We left the din of DC where we'd accustomed ourselves to the constant bawl of sirens and roar of jets and helicopters and find ourselves the next day in a very rural, pastoral setting where the only audible sound was the rustling of the sun-parched corn stalks. This area makes Mayberry look metropolitan. No one locks the doors to their homes, bicycles sit outside unlocked, and all the cars have their keys in the ignition. Meeting up with old friends from our visit last year and hearing tales of thei…