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Cambridge, MD - Oxford, MD - Reedville, VA - Portsmouth, VA - Morehead City, NC - Isle of Palms, SC

What a fantastic month this has been as we welcome the fall season, however the weather in Cambridge, MD during our stay for the Grand Banks Rendezvous was anything but beautiful! Wind! Rain! Cold! -- like you wouldn't believe. We extended our stay there because of the weather and certainly didn't want to stick our nose out into the Chesapeake in that weather and invite disaster. Then we'd have to rename the bay Chesapuke Bay!

Oxford, MD, our next stop, was at one time the preferred pretty place to live and is one of the oldest towns in MD. It's also listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and declares its official founding as 1683. It is cute, charming, well-kept, and quaint but dead as a door knob! From the water it appears to be a thriving marine center--and there are several boat yards but once you set foot on terra firma, it's another sad sight of what used to be. The high point (and ONLY point) is the Robert Morris Inn and Tavern. There were act…