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November 2010 - Rockville, SC, - Fernandina Beach, FL, - Jacksonville, FL, - St. John's River Cruise, FL, - Palm Coast - New Smyrna Beach - Merritt Island - Stuart

November 2010                                                                            #27
                                      Bender Cruising Chronicles 

Bright and early on the first day of this month we were ready for the Rockville Marine crew to take us out of the water for a short haul to clean and inspect the hull and repack stuffing boxes. After some touch-up bottom paint we were back in the water and on our way south. We've had outstanding weather for cruising with cloudless and azure skies paired with imperturbable winds and seas. It's been so amusing to see dolphins again - I've missed those sweet mammals! As if in a Welcome Back greeting, on our first day south 2 gargantuan dolphins, 1 on each side just beneath the bow, swam with us for 1/2 hour or more and it was as if they were pulling us along. We took full advantage and drafted behind them as we were charmed by their antics. At day's end as we were anchoring, 8 to 10 of their kin were swimming in ci…