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December 2010 Stuart, FL, - Okeechobee Canal - Ft. Myers, FL #28


December 2010
This has been an absolutely wonderful December!  Sometimes chilly but we've been far warmer than we've been in the past 3 winters.  Suppose we could attribute this to being farther south at this time of year. As always, our time spent in Stuart was memorable.  We enjoyed spending time with the Smiths, Prices, and Corcoran's--all sailors; and David, an old Charleston friend who's now happily living aboard his boat in Stuart.

This was our first experience at crossing Florida from the east coast to the west, via the Okeechobee Canal.  We found it refreshingly beautiful.  The locks were quick and easy and the pristine shorelines, delightful.  Allegedly, there were camels on the north side of the canal.  I think we saw one sans humps  but Bill thought it was a sculpture.  Who knows!  I like the camel story best!

Most of this month was spent in Ft. Myers at Legacy Harbour Marina, at the recommendation of the Larsons, sailing friends from Solomons Island. Our doc…