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#28 Bender's Cruising Chronicles Fort Myers - Captive - Sanibel - Marco - Marathon

Man alive!!! End of January ALREADY and time to post a blog I've not even begun to write! Where's the time going? If our days of gainful employment had flown this fast, working wouldn't have been so bad!

We had a beautiful cruise from Fort Myers to Marathon with several stops along the way. Those clear waters draw me like a magnet so dropping the anchor was a must and tossing the kayak overboard was inevitable to explore little remote islands that harbor a wealth of shells that have never been pilfered.
No Name Pub in the FL Keys (note bills decor)
Folks had said that Marathon should be called "Bore-a-thon" because there's nothing to do and a great place for us to do some long overdue boat projects. Wish I could remember who admonished us because they were dead wrong!!! This is a happenin' jumpin' place! There are things to do every single night---music and dancing galore, little theatre, lectures, great dining....
The days can be occupied by many "d…