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#29 February 2011 Cruising Chronicles Marathon, Florida Keys

While the rest of the US was bundled up, shoveling snow, and braving the ice, we were basking in the balmy breezes and fabulous weather of the FL Keys. We're in the middle of a spectacular 100 mile archipelago jutting into the tropical blue waters off
Florida's southern coast and this is unlike anywhere else in the United States.
Matt fled the frozen tundra of Dallas, TX, and came to the Keys for a visit. His arrival found us on the upper deck of Burdine's Restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the setting sun. We had a fabulous time and found time to go to Key West. Cycling and kayaking were also "musts".  We also took a dive boat to Sombrero Key where we snorkeled and were amazed as we watched the rainbow of colors living in and on the reef.

Our world is so small! Anita, the wife of a fellow-cruiser was here for a visit. She and I were in elementary, middle and high school together in Pensacola, FL, graduating with a class of 625. We hadn't seen each o…