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#32 March 2011 Cruising Chronicles The Florida Keys

This year's lost another page from the calendar and we spent it in the Florida Keys.    
<><>This is the end of the bright work.  Bill's finishing up our name boards under the shade of a coconut palm tree. 
This specimen of architectural interest is on Key Colony Beach.  Note the arched copper roof over the boat house sheltering the huge power cat.  This view is from the canal side and the front of the house is pictured below.  The windows are port holes...or the port holes are windows.  Fresnel lens are in the lighthouse which is functional.  Between the crossed rusty anchors is a gargantuan manually operated windlass from times long ago.  Huge pieces of lumber were put through the 4 openings and 8 strong men walked in a circle around the windlass in a successful effort to raise the anchors.
We began our 2nd month in Marathon with another trip to Key West and this time, in search of a cultural experience, we took our bikes and ourselves on the Key West Tr…