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#33 B April 2011 Part II Miami - Bimini


Kindred Spirit and our 2 buddy boats awoke to a beautiful Miami morning. Each of us was bursting with excitement and anticipation of our Atlantic Ocean crossing to the Bahamas. The 6 1/2 hour trip could not have been more perfect! Seas were calm, wind light, and traffic non-existent. The sun's rays glinted off the water and looked like sparkling diamonds. The only life that we saw weren't dolphins as we've become so accustomed to seeing but flying fish. The first one I saw reminded me of a Purple Martin but they need fresh water so nixed that thought. The major clue was when it dived into the water and didn't come back up.

The color of the ocean was reminiscent of the contents of a blue ink well (if you're from that era) or an endless sea of sapphires.  As we neared the entrance to Alice Town, Bimini, our yellow quarantine flag was raised on the starboard side and we prepared for docking.The beauty of the range of shades from clear blues to turquoise was bre…

#33-A April 2010 South Beach - Ft. Lauderdale - Palm Beach - Stuart - Palm Beach, Miami

On our journey north we stopped in Miami Beach for the first time and anchored in front of Julio Inglesais home on Star Island. 

Our friends, Kate and Steve, were already in the anchorage and we had the treat of spending some time with them.  We found the South Beach area most stylish with its Art Deco architecture.
The 4 of us took the bus and rail to Coconut Grove to visit Vizcaya, built in the 1910's. It is a glimpse from the past, not to be missed with its phenomenal man-made and natural resources.  That was the decade when Gilded Age cultural standards were enlivened by the irreverent spirit of the dawning Jazz Age.

It also introduces visitors to Miami’s place in history when America’s wealthiest industrialists created lavish homes inspired by the palaces of Europe. Vizcaya is a lens through which to learn about art, interior design, architecture, landscape design, horticulture, and the environment, as well as the role of internationalism in the history of the United State…