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#34 - Part 3 of 3 May 2010 Little Harbor - Hope Town - Man-O-War - Marsh Harbor - Treasure Cay - Guana Cay - Treasure Cay

The Spaniards called it Habacoa and they were quite underwhelmed with the entire island of Abaco, Bahamas. They were the first Europeans to explore the island but they moved farther south to settle. Eventually, the British colonized Eleuthera Island and New Providence Island (Nassau) and claimed the entire archipelago as their colony but there weren't any permanent settlements in Abaco for over 200 years after the Lucayan Indians, victims of genocide, were extinct by 1550. Spanish slave traders took them to work in gold mines so hardship, hard work, and disease led to their demise.

France attempted to establish a colony in Abaco in 1625 but that didn't last and there is no trace of the settlement. Pirates knew the waters around Abaco better than anyone and it was so well suited for piracy. The cays are small, water is shallow, and the great anchorages made excellent lookout points for the pirates. According to tradition, Wyannie Malone, a widow from SC, founded Hope Town on Elb…

#34 Part 2 of 3 May 2011 Other Islands in Exuma Chain-- Staniel Cay, Shroud Cay; Eleuthera Spanish Wells, Harbor Island; Little Harbor, Abaco

It's time to reverse our course and head north where we anchored off Big Majors very near Staniel Cay. We fell in love with that little area and extended our stay even after our buddy boats continued north. The Staniel Cay Yacht Club's reputation preceded it so we passed several hours...several make sure it was as fun as the proverbial 'they' said---and it was.

In the foreground to the left is a sea grape tree.
We used our dinghy to explore many of the little islands and beaches. One of our stops was Sampson Cay Yacht Club where we had lunch and delighted in chatting with the locals.
The Famous Swimming Pigs off Big Majors and Staniel Cay
We can't elaborate on every single stop, although it probably seems like I have, but Shroud Cay was another place to which we had a difficult time saying goodbye. We took the dink to Norman's Cay to see the downed plane, a relic from the drug-running days. The story goes that it dipped its wing to far in preparation fo…

#34-Part 1 of 3 May 2011 Warderick Wells - Cambridge - Black Point Settlement


It's a hefty hike up a jagged limestone trail to Boo Boo Hill at Warderick Wells. A tradition of cruisers is to take a piece of driftwood with the boat name and date to the top of the hill.
Visiting cruisers make a sign with their boat name on whatever they can find washed up on the beach and leave it at the top of this hill. Fortunately we found a long board so that the 3 boats could be on the same sign. One evening our project was to construct our sign so we showed up at the tiki hut with saw, chisel, and markers and let the creativity flow. We found signs of friends who were here as early as last week and as long ago as 2 years ago.
Leaving Warderick Wells Mooring Field we cruised south to Cambridge Cay. There are quite a few things to see and do in that area (all natural--nothing commercial!). We we took our dinks to O'Brien's Reef AKA the Sea Aquarium. A very aptly named reef where the sea life was incredible! It was absolutely like sw…

#33 C April 2011 Bimini - Berry Islands - Frazers Hog Cay - Nassau, New Providence - Highbourne Cay - Hawksbill Cay - Warderick Wells


 Departed Bimini the morning of 20 April and anchored NW Shoal Anchorage and the Berry Islands' Frazers Hog Cay. We were being so badly beat up by the seas that we detoured to New Providence Island and tucked into a marina in Nassau which was a major deviation from our itinerary but long ago we learned not to make plans---but just to have intentions. Nassau is the capitol of the Bahamas at the Tongue of the Ocean and on the NW corner of New Providence Island. We were there 8 years ago via a cruise ship so were looking for a more basic, remote, "real" Bahamas experience this time, however we were most happy to find a safe haven from the high winds. The city offers all you might want in a large city so we took advantage of the grocery store and Starbuck's Internet. We also visited Paradise Island and Atlantis. What a display of opulent and conspicuous consumption! Everything's so Disney Land perfect and plastic.

There's definitely a resort air …