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The Spaniards called it Habacoa and they were quite underwhelmed with the entire island of Abaco, Bahamas. They were the first Europeans to explore the island but they moved farther south to settle. Eventually, the British colonized Eleuthera Island and New Providence Island (Nassau) and claimed the entire archipelago as their colony but there weren't any permanent settlements in Abaco for over 200 years after the Lucayan Indians, victims of genocide, were extinct by 1550. Spanish slave traders took them to work in gold mines so hardship, hard work, and disease led to their demise.

France attempted to establish a colony in Abaco in 1625 but that didn't last and there is no trace of the settlement. Pirates knew the waters around Abaco better than anyone and it was so well suited for piracy. The cays are small, water is shallow, and the great anchorages made excellent lookout points for the pirates.
Hope Town School
According to tradition, Wyannie Malone, a widow from SC, founded Hope Town on Elbow Cay.

Hope Town, Abaco, Light House
Hope Town, Abaco, is such a sweet little town and in 1900 it was the most prosperous and largest settlement in Abaco.

The homes and businesses are so well-kept and painted happy hues.
Sidewalk to beach beside the little church we attended.

We went to church there and the pulpit end of the church looks out on the emerald Sea of Abaco and gracefully swaying coconut palms.
Have a seat.  No one's in a hurry.  This is island time, Mon!

Mooring field from atop Hope Town Light House

During the 1820's, one young couple settled on Man-O-War Cay which was our next stop. Albury Boat Builders produce well-built and well-respected boats.  There is a serious inbreeding component in and around this island as well as Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, from where our last post was written.

Marsh Harbor, the island's capital, was a nice stop with ample retail which we've craved, and is the hub of activity in Abaco.

Beautiful Treasure Cay Beach

Treasure Cay is such a lovely spot!  It is its main attraction.  The beach is most probably one of the loveliest in the world and extends for about 3 miles in a magnificent semi-circle.  I'm not a beach person but the walk down the beach is delightful and a plethora of tiny sand dollars ranging in size from that of a dime to the size of a nickle are lying there just for the taking.  The point was named Carleton Point and is where the first loyalists settlers came when they left NY and FL because of their opposition to America's independence. They believed this new British colony would prosper because it would gain the British trade which the new United States would lose.  This settlement lasted only a few years but there is a bronze plaque commemorating this first Abaco settlement.


Guana's famous Nippers
Guana's other attraction, Grabbers!
For years we've heard of Guana's Nippers Sunday Pig Roast so that was a definite "must do" on our list.  What a vast assortment of people, nationalities, ages, degrees of intoxication, and stages of undress.  The view was another spectacular one and we looked forward to snorkeling the reef just off Nippers but the wind was really picking up so we vetoed that idea.  Leaving Nippers behind we quickly found Grabbers, Guana's only other claim to fame.  We enjoyed the food and authentic island music provided by a group who, once upon a time, opened for Bare Foot Man.

Does this bring back the adage, "There's no fool like and old fool"??  This hurts my eyes!

We retraced our path returning to Treasure Cay because of high winds for this coming week. We thought if we needed to be "stuck" somewhere, this would be a great place to be!
I do so love these coconut palm trees!!!

 I've been posting these blogs on the last day of every month ( exception being during our Bahamas cruise when I posted more often) and have been notifying you by email each time for the past 2 1/2 years. Enough of a good (or bad) thing is enough!!! I will resume posting the last day of each month but promise to annoy you no longer with "reminder" emails. By now, if you're interested in following our blog, I'm sure you've got it bookmarked, so no more emails announcing our posts. You know where to find them whenever you feel so inclined to see what we sea urchins are up to---because there's no tellin'!

It's raining across Sea of Abaco from Treasure Cay!

 Till later--
Relaxing at Grabbers even though "relaxing" is the story of my life!

Bill and Laura
Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas



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