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#35 June 2011 The Abacos - Treasure Cay - Green Turtle - Crab Cay - Great Sale - West End. Ft. Pierce - Merritt Island - New Smyrna - Palm Coast, Florida. St. Simons Island, GA

The cruising destinations that we've chosen over the past couple of months could be called "The Lost Bahamas". The Bahamians wouldn't consider them "lost" but for us who live on the other side of the Gulf Stream, the islands we've visited seem 'misplaced' because although we cruisers crave adventure, we also want security.  It seems we aim the pointy part of the boat in the same tried-and-true directions again and again. By visiting the same crowded islands each year, the only "real" Bahamas that we see are merely glimpsed way-y-y-y over there on the horizon while hurrying to another well-populated tourist spot. With the courage to venture beyond our comfort zone, there are so many treasures in these waters that haven't changed in decades. They are so infrequently visited because of cruisers' uncertainty, lack of confidence in their navigational/piloting skills, fear of doing something different or a multitude of other reasons. …