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#37 Wild Dunes, SC. October 2011

October 2011 Blog # 39
This month continues to find us securely snugged in our slip in Wild Dunes.  Boat work continues---sanding, varnishing, cleaning, draperies finally finished and hanging....  Thought we'd be southward bound by this time but mechanical issues have succeeded in manifesting themselves.  We're waiting on parts to be shipped and installed.  The heat pump for the salon arrived in 2 shipments and not speedily, either.  Upon unpacking it, there's STILL a vital piece missing!  At this rate we'll be celebrating Easter right here!!!  Our wanderlust spirits tell us that we're way overdue in heading south. Nancy, Bill, and Laura Despite the "joys" and frustration of boat ownership as well as the uncertainty of this life, we've had many opportunities to catch up with friends.  Nancy, an Atlanta friend, visited us and we shared beautiful SC fall days with her. 
4+ years ago I met Jim in a (believe it or not) ukulele class in Greenville and our pat…