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#38 November 2011 Wild Dunes, SC - St. Mary's, GA - New Smyrna Beach, FL #40

November 2011 This month we broke our record for staying in one place for the longest amount of time.  When we arrived Wild Dunes (Charleston), 1 August, our intent was to begin our southern migration on 1 November.  Mechanical things happened and our departure was delayed till the 17th.  If felt so very good to be underway again but it was with regret that we left our familiar location, friends, and home church.  When we awoke the morning of the 17th and it was 44 degrees, we knew it was way past time to head south.
Our southward bound weather has been magnificent!  We've had glassy seas, very little traffic (we're almost the tail-end of the Snow Birds), beautiful weather, and comfortable temperatures.

We spent Thanksgiving in St. Mary's, GA, where Seagall's Restaurant and the city put on a wonderful spread for the cruising community.  There were in excess of 100 boats in the anchorage and only 4-5 of them were trawlers.  We met interesting people and had far too much to…