#38 November 2011 Wild Dunes, SC - St. Mary's, GA - New Smyrna Beach, FL #40

November 2011
The captain staring longingly out to sea from the Wild Dunes Pavilion
This month we broke our record for staying in one place for the longest amount of time.  When we arrived Wild Dunes (Charleston), 1 August, our intent was to begin our southern migration on 1 November.  Mechanical things happened and our departure was delayed till the 17th.  If felt so very good to be underway again but it was with regret that we left our familiar location, friends, and home church.  When we awoke the morning of the 17th and it was 44 degrees, we knew it was way past time to head south.
Our southward bound weather has been magnificent!  We've had glassy seas, very little traffic (we're almost the tail-end of the Snow Birds), beautiful weather, and comfortable temperatures.
Orange Hall
Circa 1830
St. Mary's, GA

We spent Thanksgiving in St. Mary's, GA, where Seagall's Restaurant and the city put on a wonderful spread for the cruising community.  There were in excess of 100 boats in the anchorage and only 4-5 of them were trawlers.  We met interesting people and had far too much to eat!  With such a grand assortment of dishes, it was difficult to know when to say "when!"  We are very careful to not take our cruising life-style for granted and are thankful daily for the health and ability to enjoy this life. Thanksgiving Day was a very keen reminder of all of our gifts and that everyday gratitude is the elixir of life.
St. Mary's First Presbyterian Church, the oldest church in Georgia

Beautiful Waterfront Park
Downtown St. Mary's

Pine Island, FL, provided a beautiful anchorage for us nestled in Deep Creek State Forest.  We enjoyed sitting on the bridge as the sun was setting and watching a variety of birds as they were feeding.
Our beautiful Pine Island, FL, anchorage where the GA marshes meld with the FL pines and palms
My sweetie who claims to be a "Dog Non-aficionado"!
What do you think?

Spent a delightful evening with friends in Palm Coast who "loaned" us their dock, let us enjoy their new puppy, but wouldn't let us take him home!  On our way to dinner, the 4 of us pulled onto the shoulder of the street to enjoy a magnificent horizon-to-horizon rainbow.  Never have I seen such a perfectly complete rainbow with "all the colors of the rainbow"!

We wrapped up the month in New Smyrna, visiting our sailing friends, Carolina transplants who now call this historic little town "home".  New Smyrna Beach holds the distinction of being the second oldest city in North America, though some historians believe it to be older than St. Augustine.  It offers in excess of 30 historical sites, many historical legends and artifacts, as witness to its rich history.

We visited the history museum and learned that Timucuan Indians lived in the area as early as 2000 BC.  Disease and war finally destroyed their civilization and their population had almost vanished by the time Andrew Turnbull, a physician and entrepreneur, settled New Smyrna in 1767.

New Smyrna, the largest British colonization attempt in the New World, was nearly 3 times larger than the first settlement in Jamestown in 1607.  Dr. Turnbull obtained a land grant from the British Crown, brought with him 1500 European immigrants and declared New Smyrna as Britain's 14th Crown Colony.

We anticipate a delightful evening in our friends' home on the last night of this month and prior to our departure tomorrow.  They've also invited another couple for dinner and both of these couples play stringed instruments.  Tonight we're going to have a great time  with an old-timey hootenanny and wonderfully hospitable friends!

Till this time next month--
Bill and Laura aboard Kindred Spirit III
New Smyrna Yacht Club, FL


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