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#39 December 2011 New Smyrna - Merritt Island - Boca Raton - Ft. Lauderdale - Marathon

On December 1, we sadly bade our New Smyrna sailing friends, John and Cozette, adieu but not before seeing the city's tree within a tree in the park across from the museum.  The oak is tightly embracing the pine as if protecting it from storms.

Our next port was Boca Raton, whose literal translation is "Mouth of the Mouse".  Boca is Spanish for 'inlet' and Raton is Spanish for 'mouse'.  Believe us, there is nothing mousy about Boca!!!  Raton is also a Spanish nautical term describing rocks that gnawed at  ships' cables.

Boca is known for its affluent social community and high income demographic.  It has a strict development code banning outdoor car dealerships within the municipality.  No billboards are permitted in the city.  Many buildings have Mediterranean and Spanish architectural themes, initially inspired by Addison Mizner, and significant landscaping is in place.

During the city's early history during the Florida land boom, Addison Mizner'…