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# 41 February 2012 Marathon and Key West, FL

I know I say this every month but it seems that our time here is more than flying.  When we're in the Keys we think that family and friends feel we've just "dropped out".  We've infrequently been in contact with them so they probably imagine we've joined the old Haight-Ashbury crowd.  It appears that the Keys is where that crowd from the rock and roll lifestyle of the 60's has "retired"!  This peddler was hawking everything possible for a dog wardrobe. 
The thought did occur to me to buy several truck loads of the "outfits" above and hang them on most of the yapping canines that we encounter.

Marathon dock mates, Bill and Patt, spend every February in Key West.  They graciously entertained us on their motor yacht for several days and this is just one of the tranquil scenes.
...and more photo opps....
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