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#43 Ft. Pierce - Vero Beach - Merritt Island - New Smyrna - Fernandina Beach - Savannah, GA - Wild Dunes

As we've traveled north this month we've had myriads of reunions with friends in various cities.  It's so delightful to recap our lives since our last visit.  Each of them is so hospitable and gracious with dock accommodations, transportation, and many other offerings that are such a gift to us sea urchins.
The proverbial "they" say that there is always something broken on your boat---you just don't know it yet.  While in Ft. Pierce and Vero we had our inflatable dingy repaired so it would hold air again. Land dwellers use cars for transportation and cruisers use their dinks. If any of you cruisers need dingy repair we have the guy for you in Vero. Our only planned destination for the month was the MTOA (Marine Trawlers Owners Association) Rendezvous in Fernandina Beach, FL.  We arrived on the 15th and had a marvelous time reuniting with old friends and soaking up so much information as it relates to cruising and living-aboard in seemingly endless seminars and …