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#45 June 2012 Blog NYC- Erie Canal-Oswego Canal - Sodus Bay, NY

May's posting ended with a tone of "to be continued" so will make it short.  When we departed Tom and Elinor's dock in Severna Park, MD, we paused for a few days in Chesapeake City, another old and quaint little town where boating activity was abundant. 

We were there on a weekend so all the "beer can boaters" were out doing what they do which is always a good time for us to stay put and let them have it for a couple of days.  On Mondays when they go back to work, then we take our turn. 

The C and D Canal Museum was very horizon-broadening and the docent and her husband who run a tour boat, are native Chesapeake City folks.  Her in-depth knowledge about the canal was fascinating.

Our next significant stop was the end of May when we arrived in NYC. We spent a week there which was a major sensory overload with sounds, sights, smells, and tastes-and in a few cases--a little tactile stim.

No way can I tell you about everything we did but will hit the high points …