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July 2012 Alexandria Bay - Boldt Castle - Picton Island, NY

The 1000 Islands has always been a location noted for its beauty and vast resources. Long before Europeans settled the area, the Iroquois and Algonquin Indians spent their summers fishing and hunting here. Lore has it that Manitou said to the Indians, “I will give you paradise if you stop fighting.”  According to legend, the Indians didn’t stop fighting so Manitou put paradise into a bag and threw it into the horizon.  The bag broke apart and a thousand pieces fell down into the St. Lawrence River, creating the 1000 Islands. Because of weather, we spent a couple of days in Alexandria Bay and it’s a cute, quaint, and yet another old little village.

Accessible only by boat, our visit to the magnificent Boldt Castle on Heart Island offered us a glimpse into one of the most compelling love stories in history and

#46 July 2012 Oswego - Sodus Bay - Sackets Harbor, NY - Clayton, NY - Dark Island, NY - Alexandria Bay, NY

After a wonderful week of spending time with Doris, Bill’s sister, in her home in Williamson, NY, we took (some) of his family out our last evening there for a Sodus Bay sunset cruise.  Our anchorage for the night was in Sodus Bay in front of Bill’s and Doris’s parents’ lake house (decades ago), anticipating an early departure tomorrow as we cross Lake Ontario to Henderson Harbor.

We left Sodus Bay at the crack...cruising north to Henderson Harbor on Lake Ontario.   What a perfect day with a mild southerly breeze.  Had no idea the lake was so seep.  At one point I saw 350 feet but this photo of the plotter shows a mere 331.7 feet.  Bill said he saw 550 feet!
Plotter showing dept of 332 feet on Lake Ontario
Planned to continue north today but we were weathered n so stayed put at Henderson Harbor, NY, and enjoyed the day relaxing and getting things done that we never seem to have time for.  We both worked on organization of the hundreds of photos we’ve taken in the past three months a…