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31 August 2012 Burlington, VT, -

Apologies for sounding like a broken record but...we LOVED Burlington, VT.  It's very artsy, earthy, university town, and inhabited by people who truly care about our environment.  Our 3 night stay was far far too short.We could easily have spent a week there.I protested loudly when we had to leave and was dragging my heels all the way out of the harbor.My explorations weren't done. I needed another ride—which I got—but when I roared down the dock on my bike to our slip, Bill had already folded his bike and put it away. I wonder if he woulda left me?? We had a definitive departure time and I got there just under the wire. 2 of the museums that I really wanted to visit—there wasn’t time.We didn’t make a dent in the “acclaimed” restaurants.Burlington, known as the Queen City, is home to the University of Vermont, and Champlain and St. Michael’s Colleges.There’s also a large medical center, a teaching hospital, affiliated with the university. It’s recognized as one of America’s b…

26 August 2012 Chambly, QC - Burlington, VT

This is why we leave the waterways to those who are gainfully employed and have to get their boating over with in a hurry.  We tuck into a safe spot with a view and then on Mondays we resume or trek.

The small village of Chambly was so appealing!  As usual, we spent longer than than we'd planned inabling us  to do quite a bit of exploring by bicycle.  The town is actually much larger than it appears at first glance and the economy is alive and well.  New homes and very up-scale condos by the dozens are under construction.  

One of the local residents said if we'd really like to indulge in a dining experience, they'd suggest a particular French restaurant located on the shores of the Richelieu River and housed in a mansion built in the 1920's and decorated in the New France style.

The main dining room is named after a pioneer of New France who was also one of the first brewers in North America.  It's decorated with antiques and ornaments reminiscent of the brewing trad…

19 August 2012 in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

So far behind am I on this blog that I'll never catch up but there's no time to write if we're out "doing" and we have been, leaving no stone unturned. 

Since leaving Kingston, ON, documented in last entry, we spent time wandering Ottawa, Montebello, Montreal, and now we're concluding our visit in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellvue, Quebec. Our expectations were very high in anticipation of this trip and we are more than euphoric as it is drawing to a close.

The Hudson River is exquisite. The Erie Canal had us hypnotized by the history and beauty. Each lock and each little village has its own personality. The Thousand Islands are spectacular! We love Lake Ontario and the St.Lawrence River is the most pristine water we've seen since the Bahamas.

Ottawa was a tough city to leave. Sadly this trip is almost over but it has far exceeded our expectations and our expectations were very high! We never even fathomed it would be so magnificent. We lingered in each
tiny town explor…

July 27, 2012 Clayton, NY - Kingston, Ontario

We arrived Kingston, Ontario, after departing Clayton, NY--our intended 2 day stay lasted almost 2 weeks, enabling us to get lots of reading done.  We also enjoyed the Antique Boat Museum and the Concourse de Elegance.  Bottom line--we were awaiting the arrival of a Garmin chip for our plotter for navigation into Canada. Our phones and MiFi are "on vacation" so other than occasional public WiFi we'll pretty much be incommunicado for the next month.

Kingston was founded in 1673 as a fur trading post and an important military stronghold.  As we approached Kingston’s outer harbour, we had a beautiful view of the city.
The skyline is dominated by elegant heritage limestone buildings, giving it a unique ambiance.    These historic forts and fortified stone shoal towers still guard this once major port, Kingston’s military and naval importance during the War of 1812. We visited the beautiful campus of the Canadian military academy with is on par with West Point and Annapolis. Ent…