19 August 2012 in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

Ever had a Beaver Tail?  It's an Ottawa "delicacy"!
So far behind am I on this blog that I'll never catch up but there's no time to write if we're out "doing" and we have been, leaving no stone unturned. 
Yoga on lawn of Parliament Hill

Yoga mat imprints AFTER class

Since leaving Kingston, ON, documented in last entry, we spent time wandering Ottawa, Montebello, Montreal, and now we're concluding our visit in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellvue, Quebec. Our expectations were very high in anticipation of this trip and we are more than euphoric as it is drawing to a close.

The Hudson River is exquisite. The Erie Canal had us hypnotized by the history and beauty. Each lock and each little village has its own personality. The Thousand Islands are spectacular! We love Lake Ontario and the St.Lawrence River is the most pristine water we've seen since the Bahamas.
Ottawa Convention Center in whose shadow we were docked 1,045 triangular glass sheets, each a different size in order to allow for curvature horizontally and vertically.  
Ottawa Museum of Art where we saw a Van Gogh exhibit of almost 50 of his paintings

Ottawa was a tough city to leave. Sadly this trip is almost over but it has far exceeded our expectations and our expectations were very high! We never even fathomed it would be so magnificent. We lingered in each
tiny town exploring its uniqueness and getting to know the locals. We have received regal welcomes by everyone and each town made us feel like dignitaries.

Evening view from our fly bridge.  Parliament Hill left center.

And as for the Canadians, we heard numerous times,"Welcome to Canada! You've come a long way from Florida!" They have outdone themselves with warmth and hospitality! 

Music and Light Show on Parliament House
I'm a southerner and I thought we had first dibs on that. Talking to them has been so enlightening! They've given us information that we'd otherwise not have known and an opportunity to taste the flavor of their village and culture. It would be difficult to pick a "best part" of this cruise but the luxury of taking our time and having an itinerary but no schedule has deepened the pleasure. 

Falls along Ottawa's superb bike ways
We cycled to Ottawa's China Town and Little Italy.  We spent most of a day in the Museum of Civilization and what an immense display and collection of pure fascination.  We met a delightful 80 year old man who has spent his entire life there.  He remarked that he came to see us several times but we weren't home.  We told him that we could sit on board in an anchorage but we wanted to see as much of his captivating city as we could...and we did!
Leaving Ottawa through a flight of 8 locks
We hope to be headed south before there's a nip in the air and in Portsmouth in time for the rendezvous. We are taking each day as it comes and are soaking up the beauty of this area which includes not only the history and pastoral scenery along the canals but the people who have enhanced it all.

Buskie at entrance to Rideau Hall
This gal never twitched or flinched.  Couldn't see her swallow nor breathe!

Montreal is a captivating city. We saw the site of the 1976 Olympics and so hard to believe that was so many decades ago.  Why does time have to go so fast!  Of course we had a tour of Notre Dame Basilica, a church made totally of wood.  All the statues, railings, etc., are all hand carved.  The organ consists of 7000 pipes!

In the morning early we'll leave here, continuing east and will update this as we can.

There is so much more that we've done and seen and no way to relay it all to you but wanted to share just a smidgen of the last few weeks.

Bill and Laura Bender
Kindred Spirit III
currently Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec


Summer Wind said…
Wow great photos Laura! Looks like a wonderful expedition.

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