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23 September 2012 Solomon's Island - Portsmouth, VA

Our friends in Solomon's Island, Judy and Curt, invited us to tie to their dock after we left Annapolis.  Visiting and catching up with them and hearing about their 50th wedding anniversary trip to Alaska, made us want to pack our parkas and follow suit.

We had a little weather delay so arrived in Portsmouth a day later than we planned but waiting for a good window always pays off. 

Portsmouth is located on the world's largest and deepest natural harbor and is home to the nation's oldest naval shipyard as well as the country's oldest and largest US naval hospital which began service in 1827.
The Commodore is a luxuriously restored 1945 Art Deco-style movie theatre that has a restaurant within the main auditorium and where we enjoyed the movie, Hope Spring and dinner with quite a few of our trawler buds.  This was preceded by a wonderful cocktail hour with heavy heavy d'ourves hosted by a member of our group and owner of Mile Zero Marine Store here in Portsmouth.  

One …

14 September 2012 Chesapeake City - Severna Park - Annapolis

Our cruise from Cape May on the Delaware River was pleasing to the eye and the soul.  The night at anchor in Chesapeake City was serene and still. On Wednesday morning we awoke to pea-soup fog so our early departure was delayed by a couple of hours but the fog lifted to uncloak another remarkable day on the Chesapeake.  

We had a dinner date with friends that night who also winter in Marathon-- Jack and Ginger and Tom and Elinor, at whose dock we were tied.  They were watching our progress on Find My Friends meanwhile we comfortably made our date with time to spare.

Tom is our cycling guru in Marathon so we did a quick ride Thursday morning.  Severna Park has wide and very safe cycling lanes which is enough to make me want to live there---except the temps there in winter are below my comfort zone.

Elinor had orchestrated a lovely luncheon at Severn Inn for 9 couples who were in the area and who also winter in Marathon.  It was a sweet and poignant reunion!

Bill and Laura underway on the C…

11 September 2012 Cape May, NJ

Cape May, NJ, was a delightful place to wait out weather.  We spent one day walking and two days cycling to see all that we could see.  We’d never been there but have heard of Cape May for years.  Tucked behind a broad strip of white beach and nestled beside the harbor and fishing boats, it is on the southern tip of New Jersey, where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.  It is one of the country's oldest vacation resort destinations and is designated as a National Historic Landmark because of its concentration of Victorian buildings, the second largest collection of Victorian gingerbread homes in the nation.  San Francisco is number one. 
This port city has such a rich history and takes pride in their beautiful award-winning beaches.  The Travel Channel recognized them among  America's top 10 beaches. 
Cape May also claims to be 2nd to Alaska as the largest fishing port in the nation.  We bought and froze several kinds of seafood that had just swum and the prices were unbe…

9 September 2012 Cape May, NY

We set a record for us on Friday, the 7th, that I'm not eager to repeat. We ran (or poked) from Atlantic Highlands via the Atlantic Ocean, arriving at Cape May 130 miles and 15 hours later making for a weary captain and last mate. Weather tonight looks like we'll be here till Wednesday but sometimes I wonder about the "art" of weather forecasting. 

Another rarity--and maybe even a 'first'--I saw BOTH the sun rise AND set!!!! Too tired to eat so we were happy to just crash!
 A Cape May ocean front home

Saturday, the 8th, we walked some of the tiny village and found it quaint and charming---then received a weather alert so we practically ran from down town to our dinghy, got home just as ominous clouds were forming.  
Not a comforting sight!
Lots of wind, a smattering of rain but no lightening--for which I'm thankful.  Lightening is my only fear--if there are others I don't remember what they are!  :-)   I have 11 weather apps and Bill has others not on my p…

7 September 2012 Waterford - Haverstraw - Atlantic Highlands

This is where our Mini Loop began--a round trip of 990 miles, 100 locks, 118 days and our circle is complete. ( We're counting Federal Lock to Federal Lock--Troy, NY).  Waterford is a nice little village and we got a kick out of returning there.  Bill and I coerced a group to cycle to Albany, the state capitol.  

On the way to Albany we came upon a Farmer's Market in Troy and I spied this rockin' dude!

I've heard of a 2 fisted drinker but never a 2 handed smoker.  Maybe she needed to maintain a light...?

Bill's a NY native and he'd never been to his state's capitol---so now he has.  The ride was great and the bike paths are well maintained.

Leaving Waterford, we went through our LAST lock!  Now what am I going to do with all my time!!!!!!