23 September 2012 Solomon's Island - Portsmouth, VA

Our friends in Solomon's Island, Judy and Curt, invited us to tie to their dock after we left Annapolis.  Visiting and catching up with them and hearing about their 50th wedding anniversary trip to Alaska, made us want to pack our parkas and follow suit.

We had a little weather delay so arrived in Portsmouth a day later than we planned but waiting for a good window always pays off. 

Portsmouth is located on the world's largest and deepest natural harbor and is home to the nation's oldest naval shipyard as well as the country's oldest and largest US naval hospital which began service in 1827.
The ferry connecting Norfolk and Portsmouth
The Commodore is a luxuriously restored 1945 Art Deco-style movie theatre that has a restaurant within the main auditorium and where we enjoyed the movie, Hope Spring and dinner with quite a few of our trawler buds.  This was preceded by a wonderful cocktail hour with heavy heavy d'ourves hosted by a member of our group and owner of Mile Zero Marine Store here in Portsmouth.  

Commodore Theatre

One evening we participated in a historic walking tour of the Old Towne narrated by Colonel Crawford dressed in period attire.  In 1716 he was a merchant and ship owner and was granted 65 acres on the Elizabeth River that he named Portsmouth after his hometown in England.  The colonel was an excellent guide and pointed out homes and other buildings, providing their history, giving us insight into edifices that we would've passed without noticing.  Portsmouth has maintained its 18th and 19th century history and charm for more than 250 years while also encouraging a modern and unique mix of retail and restaurants.
One of the Old Towne homes highlighted by Col. Crawford

Our final day in Portsmouth, we worshiped with a church established in the 1800's.  We are accustomed to contemporary worship services so this very unique for us--it was traditional with robes, old hymns, men in suits, women in heels, hose, and dresses--so it was a step back in time for us.

Lynn and Reid who are on a 94' Nordland and are long-time friends from Charleston, arrived here the day before we left.  Our paths have "almost" crossed for several years but this time we were able to grab some time to hear about their adventurous 6 month Carribean cruise and share bits and pieces of our lives since we were last together.

 We've spent a week here and had a wonderful trawler rendezvous.  It was a wonderful time rich with visiting with friends and golden in learning opportunities.  Tomorrow we continue south and back into familiar waters.

Bill and Laura
Tidewater Marina
Portsmouth, VA


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