9 September 2012 Cape May, NY

We set a record for us on Friday, the 7th, that I'm not eager to repeat. We ran (or poked) from Atlantic Highlands via the Atlantic Ocean, arriving at Cape May 130 miles and 15 hours later making for a weary captain and last mate. Weather tonight looks like we'll be here till Wednesday but sometimes I wonder about the "art" of weather forecasting. 

Another rarity--and maybe even a 'first'--I saw BOTH the sun rise AND set!!!! Too tired to eat so we were happy to just crash!
                                 A Cape May ocean front home

Saturday, the 8th, we walked some of the tiny village and found it quaint and charming---then received a weather alert so we practically ran from down town to our dinghy, got home just as ominous clouds were forming.  
                                 Not a comforting sight!
Lots of wind, a smattering of rain but no lightening--for which I'm thankful.  Lightening is my only fear--if there are others I don't remember what they are!  :-)   I have 11 weather apps and Bill has others not on my phone.  From the looks of everything, we should postpone our departure--although we'd HOPED to leave on Sunday.

Cape May Light

Sunday morning we awoke to a glorious sunny day with barely a ripple in our anchorage---but by then (we aren't early risers) it was too late to depart.  We took our bikes in and were able to see even more of the city--WWII lookout tower, Cape May Light, several beach weddings, a great band at the Rusty Nail, fabulous fresh-off-the-boat seafood that's now vacuum sealed and in our freezer, and an exotic sunset from our fly bridge cooled by a light and refreshing breeze.  The old homes here are incredible with intricate detail and all the trim is painted in contrasting colors.  No vinyl siding here!  When we cycle towns we invariably wind up in the bad neighborhood but neither yesterday nor today did we find any home that wasn't immaculately kept  with divine landscaping.

Although we'd love to take on the Delaware River and continue south, it has a nasty reputation so from all of our weather sources, it looks as if we need to linger yet another day. 

This is our first time in Cape May and we unquestionably love this place.  Think we say that each time we visit a new town--don't think we've found one yet we didn't like.  But Cape May is so exquisite, quaint, unblemished--what's not to love?

Bill and Laura
At anchor Cape May, NJ 


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