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9 October 2012 Carolina Beach, NC - Southport, NC

Soon after leaving Morehead City, we overtook this pirate ship whose captain was decked in full pirate attire.

A serendipity was ours and to try and make a long story a little not so long--we saw a boat, also underway, whose hailing port is my Florida stomping grounds when I was a young college grad and new teacher.  We had a long conversation on the VHF radio with Roger and Kim and planned to stop at Yana's Restaurant in Swansboro.  We were meeting Barbara and David, a couple we connect with every few days.  Yana, who loves Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, looks as if she also just emerged from the '50's--as does the restaurant. 

Mile Hammock Bay sits at the southern edge of Camp Jejune and is a lovely place to anchor.  We watched helicopter touch and go exercises in the afternoon and again at night they went through the same practices without their lights.  The precision was impressive to watch.  The noise level was very high but was music to our ears and we heard it as the sound…

1 October 2012 Great Bridge, VA - Cedar Creek/Adams Creek - Morehead City, NC

Happy Fall on the first day of October.  It's still shorts and tee shirt weather here but we have felt a nip in the air on a few evenings.