12 October 2012 Home Again! Southport - Myrtle Beach - Wild Dunes/Isle of Palms/Mt.Pleasant/Charleston, SC

After leaving charming Southport, we rendezvoused in Myrtle Beach with Barbara and David and Roger and Kim.  Without a doubt, you know we all "broke bread" together and had a sumptuous repast.  
Myrtle Beach

Roger and Kim are RV experts and we took advantage of their tutelage.  We loved the northern waters this past summer so well that we're considering leaving the boat in NY and and touring areas of our country that doesn't have "a river running through it."  This is a long-range plan so isn't to be interpreted as intending to give up boating.  In fact, during a bike ride yesterday through neighborhoods, I thought how awful it would be to have to buy a house which would be followed by choosing where we'd want to live.  We have no idea where that would be and if we owned a house I'd feel as if I were in a straight jacket, shackled and cuffed.  I love our nomadic lifestyle.

Even though we retired from Greenville in northwest SC where we'd lived for many years, we feel that Charleston is home. Since we left The Harborage at Ashely which is adjacent to Charleston's City Marina in 2008, we've been here biannually and look forward to "coming home".

Another rendezvous with the couples we've met along the way.  We'll miss seeing them when they move on here because we intend to stay here till mid November.

Bill and Laura
Wild Dunes
Mt. Pleasant, SC


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