17 November 2012 - Wild Dunes/Isle of Palms/Mt. Pleasant/Charleston, SC

View from our slip in Wild Dunes

Although we retired from upstate Greenville, South Carolina, we kept Kindred Spirit III in Charleston from 2006, when we bought her until we retired and cast off lines in 2008, to be full-time cruisers.  We feel that returning to the Charleston area is also like returning home.  We arrived here in Wild Dunes 11 October, intending to stay for a month.  Friends Barbara and David came in and were our dock mates.  Roger and Kim also arrived at the same time.  We’ve been semi-traveling together since Waterford, NY, and Morehead City.  Before we wished them happy cruising and they both headed for FL, we went to Shem Creek’s Vickery’s for a final repast for this season.
Lunch at Vickery's

Entry of Vickery's made of spoons, copper tubing, marbles, etc!

We're shopping for a motor home so that we can divide our time between water cruising and land cruising.  Think we've found it!!!  Comes complete with a dog!

As “planned” we drove to Greenville (from where we retired) for some annual dental/medical/optical appoints.  Although we took care of some of those in Charleston/Mt. Pleasant, I’m having great difficulty severing my attachment to my hygienist and internist--I’ve been their patient for 22 years!!!  I’ve unsuccessfully tried others but they have big shoes to fill.  We’ve both been declared in excellent health and good for another 5000 miles!

Bill, Laura, Fred, and Jill
Greenville's eclectic cafe

Our ‘down time’ has granted us the opportunity to visit with old friends.  Bob and Emily; 
View from Emily and Bob's neighborhood

Pete and Miriam; and Jill and Dave were gracious hosts to us during our upstate visit.  
                 A revisit to the hand-dug Stump House Tunnel

A high point for me was returning to Lake Jocassee and the mountains (hills) in that area.  When I moved to S.C in 1990, that lake was one of the 3 reasons that I left Louisiana with Greenville in my cross hairs.  It was a very emotionally nostalgic trip for me.

Lake Jocassee, SC

S.C.'s First Distillery
Main Street, Greenville, SC
Back home, we rendezvoused with 5 other couples at one of our favorite hang-outs, Dunleavy’s Pub, on Sullivan’s Island.  

Jill and Fred, Greenville friends, were here for a short visit and we went to yet another fave--Morgan Creek Bar and Grill--overlooking the ICW.

It’s difficult to grasp the fact that we’ve been in Charleston more than our intended stay.  Our plans were to spend just a month here but this is another example of intentions vs. plans.  Plans are cast in Jello.  We’ve sadly cancelled our winter in Marathon so will be in Wild Dunes until late winter-early spring.  Even though we find temps lower than 68 degrees to be intolerable, our church home is here, we have many friends in the area an on the dock so they will warm our hearts as we winter on the boat far above the frost line.  

We're back into our terrafirma groove-- investigating opportunities for volunteering, enjoying theatre and concerts, resumption of our running, walking, cycling, and swimming.  I swam outdoors in the winter in my much younger adult years and am doing it again and absolutely LOVE it.  There's no tarrying between locker room and into the water...and back again.

Please come see us!

Bill and Laura
Wild Dunes
17 November 2012


Suzie said…
Hi, Laura,
I hope you remember me - a friend of Bonnie Wright whom you met here in Charleston a few years back. I haven't visited your blog in some time and am happy to see that you are still enjoying your travels and your boat! We just purchased a 5th wheel and the house is for sale. Like you, we have felt trapped while here working and waiting for the economy to improve. The RV will be our home and we look forward to seeing some places you can't see from water. We are staying in a campground on the Savannah HWY so if you are ever going to be over our way, give a shout! And keep having fun!

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