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19 December 2012 - Isle of Palms, SC

Since we're going to be here for a while, we've immersed ourselves into our community as if we were land dwellers here. We're enjoying being "greeters" at our church (Seacoast), are meeting such wonderful people and feel so at home there.

This is our band this at Seacoast. There will be 8+ Christmas services and tickets are recommended to assure a seat due to our membership of 15,000 with 10,000-12,000 in attendance each weekend.

100,000 Gifts is the theme of our services this month. This morning's teaching on Kindness was awesome. Visit for a list of 101 "random acts of kindness" you can bestow on total strangers this Christmas season. This photo falls short of showing the beauty of the platform with dozens of suspended lighted candles gently swaying.

We attended our Seacoast's Christmas concert and the musical talent among our church is awesome!!!  It's amazing that so many of our membership have been so a…