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14 January 2013 - Epcot - Tampa

Bill often comes up with "a perfect plan" and my Christmas present was no exception and an epic surprise.  He was flabbergasted years ago when he found out that, although I'd been to Disneyland (almost) centuries ago, I'd never been to Disney World and it wasn't even on my bucket list.  

For several months we've been on an information-gathering quest for the purchase of a motor home that is our plan 18-24 months from now.  We'd like to leave our boat in the NY area and spend summers cruising the Canadian and NY waters.  Our summer of 2012 up there really excited our hunger to spend more time in that area.  There are many cities in our country that are inaccessible by boat so we'd like to visit those places by motor home.  There is a gargantuan RV show beginning in Tampa this Wednesday as well as RV related seminars at Lazy Days, the largest RV dealer in the nation. My sweet husband orchestrated a day at Epcot yesterday (we walked 8 1/2 miles there) and…

3 January 2013 - Wild Dunes/Isle of Palms, SC

Happy New Year to everyone and we send sincere wishes for a safe and healthy 2013.

Blogging will probably become more and more infrequent until we begin heading south and that may not be until March or April.  There isn't much to report that would be of interest--just that big boat projects being either completed or underway; that we're enjoying time with friends; that Bill loves running out here; that my walks are terrific but my swimming is magic.  I haven't taken swimming seriously in decades but I have access to a 25 meter pool with lane lines and black lines on the bottom!!!  A rare find making life really good. Each day when I come home Bill asks, "how was your swim?" and it's always glorious, making me wonder why I took such a long swimming hiatus!

New Years Eve was unusual but also a very pleasurable evening spent with Dick and Karen and Peter and Roxie.  I had pix but lost them---a long story.  New Years Day we went to the annual Special Olympics fund …