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New Bern, NC, - Isle of Palms, SC, - Seneca, SC, - Atlanta, GA, - Isle of Palms, SC

After a great weekend/family reunion in New Bern, NC, we had a "going away" dinner with our friends, Jim and Betsy, upon our return to Mt. Pleasant and before returning home.  They were actually getting to "go away". We went to one of the favorite haunts of the four of us, recapped their trip intentions and were green because we couldn't go with them.  The next morning they "went away" headed north for the NY and Canadian waters.

Our dock neighbor, Laura, has this wonderful Great Dane, Jackson, who was in dire need of a walk so I got my dog-fix.  He is truly a gentle giant and fancies himself an eight pound lap dog.  I love him!

Friends and dock neighbors, Deidre and Bob, just returned from Australia and had a grandson so we celebrated with them on both counts and welcomed them home for dinner at the Dragon Palace--one of their most-liked restaurants.

On a magnificent low-country day we put our honey-do list aside and took off on our bikes from Wild Dune…

Isle of Palms is still our base but we've made a road trip or two just because we could!

Funny the things I took for granted when I lived on land!  Jumping in the car to run errands was just a given and I took that, along with other things, to be just the way life was lived.   We have a rental car for a bit (although we still have our tiny 1976 TR 6) and I’m thrilled to have an outlet in which to charge my phone.  The Triumph has 2 seats, an engine, and no amenities.  Who’d even think a outlet would be considered an “amenity”?  I’m certain that it isn’t but to be, it’s a tremendous luxury.

Upon our return from the trawler rendezvous in Fernandina Beach, we repacked, loaded our bikes and trappings into our rental car, and headed for Atlanta to visit my brother Bob and our friend, Nancy.  We had a great evening catching up on the past 6 months over tapas at Barcelona in Inman Park.  Bill and I are really intrigued by this area of Atlanta---as a possible place to live when/if we ever have to give up this life-style.  We walked to dinner that night, Publix is just a mile bike …