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Bucksport, SC, - Little River, SC, - St. James Plantation, SC, - Bennett Brothers Yachts, Wilmington, NC

The Waccamaw is one of the most pastoral and tranquil water settings on the AICW. There's a mammoth Bald Eagle's nest in a tree a stone's throw from where we are anchored--complete with babies! Following a peaceful evening and great night's rest, we left our idyllic anchorage among the cypress trees, knees, and shimmering tannin-tinged river whose reflection was cast back at us, and went into Light Keepers Village Marina, Little River, to visit our cruising friends, Mary, Larry, and granddaughter, Samantha.  They have been our next door neighbors in Boatman's Marina, Marathon, and are proud owners of a newer and larger boat soon to be christened, Miss Mary.  Of course we went to Calabash to spend time with them and to partake in the renown Calabash seafood.  We enjoyed the tour of their new boat which is also their home.

St. James Plantation, Southport, was a delightful place to spend some time.  Tucked snugly into the marina, we sat on the veranda taking in the vie…

Isle of Palms, SC, - Winyah Bay Anchorage, SC, - Enterprise Creek Anchorage, SC

Bob and Deidre had a wonderful party aboard their boat, over-flowing with friends, as we all said our goodbyes to them.  Tide Hiker cast off their lines and began their cruise north.  We were oh, so envious.  What a beautiful day for cruising.  We'll miss them terribly but wish them gorgeous days and a memorable trip.
Tide Hiker on their way north

Their slip wasn't empty too long before Sandpiper arrived from the Bahamas with Linda and David.  They got here just in time for us to order pizza for dinner and spend a delightful evening listening to their tales and also enjoying the company of Gary and Linda.

On morning walks it never pays to be unaware of your surroundings.  This is one mis-placed critter who's trying to get into the ocean but the waves are stronger than he.  I contacted authorities and 6 policemen showed up with no rope, cage, or anything---and murder's against the law.  I didn't hang around to find out what happened to the baby gator.

The morning of the…