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31 July 2013 Dozier's Yachting Center - Glebe Creek, VA, - St. Inigoes, VA, - St. Mary's, MD, - Corinthian Yacht Club, MD, - Olverson's Marina, Calleo, VA

Before I begin this saga, I think I forgot to tell you that when we pulled into Hampton, there was a charter fishing boat in the next slip.  The captain asked if we liked crabs. Our crab-picking experience is less than basic at best so I thought we would enjoy them.  He gave us 24 big ol' crabs and we spent 2 hours picking and eating till there wasn't a thing left except a big mess.  That's really and outdoor "sport" but we were inside so the vacuum sorta of cleaned up our mess.  We hadn't even connected our power when he offered them to us.  Again, total strangers who'd just arrived!  Tried to pay him but he refused.  We did leave him a tip just to show our gratitude.  They were mouth-watering but we'd never win a picking contest.
Our cruise from Dozier's Yachting Center out into the Chesapeake, up the Potomac, and into the Coan Rivers to Glebe Creek was a most pleasant trip.  Our friends, Bill and Rosemary, have a delightful "Rivah House&quo…

Scranton Creek near Belhaven, NC, - Broad Creek, NC, - Great Bridge, VA, - Hampton, VA, - Dozier's Regatta Point, Urbanna, VA 19 July 2013

Many times we've been up and down the waterway but never has the Currituck Sound been like this.  This day was absolutely glorious in every way and it was unreservedly a departure from what we've experienced previously.  Hopefully you won't be bored with the photos but I couldn't put the phone down...and I'm not including all of them so you can heave a sigh of relief.

                     Doesn't this make you want to jump right in!!!???

While waiting for the Great Bridge lock, this little critter perched for a brief rest.

We always enjoy Norfolk and Portsmouth with its very interesting and active waterfront.
There's so much activity that it's difficult to look everywhere at once even at our turtle speed.
We've never been to Hampton so that was on our itinerary for this trip.  This is the bell tower for Hampton University.
The campus is beautiful and in flawless condition.  There were lawn keepers working everywhere!  This is one of the top historically bl…

River Dunes Marina near Oriental, NC, - Scranton Creek Anchorage near Belhaven, NC 10-13 July 2013

We enjoyed our stay at River Dunes immensely! One day we took the courtesy car into Oriental which was about 10 miles away.  We haven’t been there in quite a while and it looked very different from what I remembered. It’s definitely a boating/fishing little town.
This most probably won’t be incredulous to you. It was to us so here’s my story.  For several years, our son, Stephen, who lives in Austin, has asked me to be on the lookout for a lady named Victoria, on a sailboat and he gave me the name so we could be on the lookout for her or hear the boat name on the radio.  Very rarely do we have the opportunity to interact with sailors because we do travel a bit faster, albeit not too much more, than they.  He also said that Victoria’s son and his wife are very good friends of his and they also live in Austin.  I tucked this info into my bonnet thinking the chances of Victoria’s and our paths ever crossing would be slim to none.
River Dunes is, sadly, someone’s tanked dream that began in …

Mile Hammock Bay, NC - Cedar Creek, NC - Oriental, NC 9-10 July 2013

What a blissful day on the water. T'was like reuniting with an old friend — at Mile Hammock Bay, Camp Lejeune, NC.

Good glorious morning as we leave Cedar Creek getting ready to stick our nose into the Neuse with Oriental as our today's destination.

We spent a wonderful evening last night with Lee and George as we ate steamed crabs that they caught and enjoyed fresh veggies from their garden on Cedar Creek off Adams Creek, NC.  We always enjoy visiting with them but last night was the acme!

After a well choreographed and placid Neuse experience, we're in Oriental at River Dunes for a few days---but you know how that goes! Looks like quite a nice place to be for a bit.  They have a pool!

Bill and Laura
Docked River Dunes Marina
Oriental, NC