Bennett Brothers Yachts, Wilmington, NC

     June 14, we arrived at Bennett Brothers Yachts, intending to stay a week to have some mechanical issues addressed.  Our wait was longer than expected for parts but service was extraordinary with top-notch technicians.  We went for a sea-trial and all was well. 

     June 29 rolled around and Bill had a Bill Day because it was his birthday.  He got to do anything he wanted and all three meals were his choice.  We even had Carrot Cake, thanks to a bakery, and had a fun day.  His birth really resulted in a gift to me!

   Then the weather that you've all experienced got in our way.  When it finally looked good so that when we get to the Neuse, the Neuse will be Nice, a long holiday weekend occurred. 
Wednesday before the 4th-not a good start to their weekend!

     The holiday was perfect weather for small boaters! We generally leave the waterways to those guys on weekends and always on holidays!!!  That's generally the consensus among boaters so on the 4th of July we cycled to Wrightsville Beach and this is what we saw from the top of the bridge.
     Sunday afternoons at 15th Street Fisheries in Ft. Lauderdale is always an entertaining sight but this could've been more exciting.  Wish I had been able to cross to the other side of the bridge--that was even more congested.  Looked like a parade with every boat vying to be first.

     I grew up in Pensacola and lived on the beach in the summers but that was long ago and far away.  Never have I seen anything like this.  It was just waaaaayyyyy too much humanity for me.  I guess my beach days were too long ago and my memory has faded with time.
Somethings were just too painful for the eye.

During our 22 days here we've had great fun exploring the city on the trolley, by dinghy, foot and bike.  This little baby Boxer was taking refuge from the sweltering heat and the blazing sun beneath his buddy.

      New friends, Beth and Steve, have been here 2 weeks longer than we have and they're on the T head right behind us so we've had fun opportunities to play together.  We had the most scrumptious Asian meal ever to pass my palate at Indochine.  If ever in Wilmington, be sure and stop in for a delightful repast.

     Being an early riser isn't my nature but very often there are rewards for rolling out early.  Unfortunately BOTH of us didn't get to see this serene break of day but I know Bill's beauty rest is important to him.

When I opened our port side door, this is what greeted me along with a new day.

Being on the T head gives us visibility to all sorts of passing traffic up and down the Cape Fear River
Here comes the rest of it

We have so many sunset pictures and can't delete a one

USCG Cutter Diligence

     A slow dinghy ride up the Cape Fear River showed pristine nature at her finest.  This dead tree reaching it arms heaven-ward, glinted a magnificent pewter as the morning sun called attention to it.

Nest tenders for the baby Ospreys

     Wilmington is a very charming town with considerable history.  The older homes and lawns are scrupulously maintained and business must be continually booming for the painting companies and contractors.  I love the meticulously painted trim with the gingerbread work done in contrasting colors.

     Had planned on visiting with my "old" swim coach, Ernie, and his wife, Gina, who were in Oriental for this long weekend but dictates our cruising plans with occasional mechanical issues thrown in here and there.

     Our intentions are to leave here tomorrow, Monday, the 8th, and we certainly will barring any unforeseen obstacles!  Our initial week has stretched into 24 days.

Bill and Laura
Kindred Spirit III
Bennett Brothers Yachts
Wilmington, NC


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