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25 August 2013 Washington, DC

At last I’ve finally developed a sense of the layout of this city--and, yet again, Bill was right--the map does make sense.  I’m walking or cycling every day and haven’t gotten lost since we first got here.

I thought the Newseum would be a boring commercial museum but it was NOT!!! It’s a 250,000 square foot venue praising the free press.  There are artifacts from the Berlin Wall and Twin Towers, 15 theaters, and 130 interactive stations.  The JFK special exhibits in memory of the 50th anniversary of his assassination was intensely  poignant.  Jackie and President Kennedy’s lives with their children were chronicled through dozens of photographs of an award winning photographer. We spent two days there and still didn’t see it all.  Bill saw things I missed and vice versa.

After they ran us out when they closed at 5, we stopped by the sculpture garden to enjoy Friday night jazz.  I love this silver tree but the photo just doesn’t do it justice.
When they shooed us out at closing on Saturda…

7 August 2013 Calleo, VA, - Washington, DC

Sweet little rural Calleo, VA

Although we have been very much looking forward to our month in our Nation's Capitol, we were sad to leave Olverson's last Monday . Each time we go there it's like "going home". When we are secured in our slip, I feel a huge wave of relaxation (from this taxing retired life) sweep over me. Saying goodbye to our friends there was bitter-sweet.

We couldn't have hoped for a better day on the Potomac.  It was smooth as glass. 

Finally arrived in Washington, DC, ten days after our intended date but better nate than lever. I love the Woodrow Wilson Bridge which is sort of a welcome to DC sight.

                          Maybe I should've been a Civil Engineer.  

We're tucked snugly in Gangplank Marina which lies in the shadow of the Washington Monument and about a mile to the National Mall.Everything is so close making it very easy towalk or cycle. 

These were some sights along my 10 mile Sunday morning walk as I went …