7 August 2013 Calleo, VA, - Washington, DC

               Sweet little rural Calleo, VA

Although we have been very much looking forward to our month in our Nation's Capitol, we were sad to leave Olverson's last Monday . Each time we go there it's like "going home". When we are secured in our slip, I feel a huge wave of relaxation (from this taxing retired life) sweep over me. Saying goodbye to our friends there was bitter-sweet.

Leaving Olverson's Marina AKA Lodge Creek Yacht Club, Calleo, VA, in our wake

We couldn't have hoped for a better day on the Potomac.  It was smooth as glass. 

Finally arrived in Washington, DC, ten days after our intended date but better nate than lever. I love the Woodrow Wilson Bridge which is sort of a welcome to DC sight.

                          Maybe I should've been a Civil Engineer.  

We're tucked snugly in Gangplank Marina which lies in the shadow of the Washington Monument and about a mile to the National Mall.  Everything is so close making it very easy to walk or cycle. 
Early morning pre-tourists

These were some sights along my 10 mile Sunday morning walk as I went in search of the yoga studio where I have an appointment in the morning at 9:00. Never did find it!!! Hoping for better luck in the morning---and it's only 2.5 miles from here.
Smithsonian Castle

Whoever laid out these streets must’ve been chemically impaired.  Bill said the layout  makes perfect sense to him...but then he’s an engineer and lives by a spread sheet.  I need to drop cookie crumbs to be able to retrace my steps.

Yippee! Found the yoga studio Monday morning and completed my first ever yoga class at Yoga District H Street.  The class was difficult but finding my way there--and home--were, also. There were only 4 of us and only 1 who performed like a petrified log.  The other 3 were adept at tying themselves into pretzels.

I love this city. Such a melting pot; so international and so eclectic!! I could easily live here except for winters. Love being able to get anywhere and everywhere by foot or by bike (when I'm fortunate enough to find my destinations!). On my way to yoga and home I saw MANY places where I'd love to live although I saw no triple garages for which my love pines. Here, he wouldn't need a car--just a snow shovel.
...for example....

Tuesday, we went to the Pentagon Memorial.  A very moving and somber experience.

We walked a bit over 10 miles so I have no pangs of regret over our stop at The Shake Shack---lip-smackin' good.

Part of the Pentagon Memorial with the USAF Memorial (Arlington) in the background.

Interesting contrast in architecture.

Wouldn't it have been a shame if plans to raze this old building had come to fruition??!!

Wednesday morning while I attempted Yoga at home, Bill went for a run.  He relishes running the National Mall and I expect he’ll have major withdrawals when we leave here.  After lunch I left him home doing “boat work” while I endeavored to renew my passport which, to my astonishment, expired in April.  That was an unpleasant revelation!  Need two forms of picture ID to get INTO the Pentagon and I have merely one.  Hoping it’ll arrive before we leave but I’m not banking on it!  Guess it’s a good idea to set a reminder for such things.

Even though the Washington Monument is undergoing repair, the scaffolding is attractive, conforming to the lines of the monument and is decoratively lighted at night.

Tomorrow noon is another Yoga class at a different studio--again only a couple miles from here.  If I leave right after breakfast, hopefully I'll get there on time!

Bill and Laura Bender
Aboard Kindred Spirit III
Washington, DC


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